Mission — Info Org Ltd

Info Org Ltd is a not-for-profit Australian entity. Its mission: to foster the Australian public’s awareness of those aspects of culture that has and is influencing Australian society. Info Org Ltd’s objectives in achieving this mission are to:

  1. Document aspects of Australia’s diverse culture and heritage by producing or sourcing short audio-visual cultural presentations (Presentations).
  2. Engage and inform Australians in their preferred language, ensuring a user’s skill in English shall not hinder their ability to be culturally enriched by our Presentations.
  3. Make its collection of Presentations (Collection) publicly available.
  4. Ensure access is not limited to those who can afford to pay.
  5. Diminish user location as an inhibiting factor in providing ubiquitous access to its Presentations for all in Australia.
  6. Ensure audibly or visually impaired users shall not be disadvantaged in terms of their ability to be culturally enriched by our Presentations.

In the performance of its objectives Info Org Ltd undertakes the following:

  1. Create or source Presentations which when viewed shall enrich one’s cultural perspective regarding, for example:
    1. A topic, for example, the Mabo case and traditional land rights leading to Native Title Rights; or
    2. The heritage of a region, for example, Uluru, or the heritage of the Ballarat goldfields; or
    3. Australian art, for example, Australian art movements such as the Heide Circle, or Australian paintings such as those by Sidney Nolan and his Ned Kelly works; or
    4. Architecture and the interaction by the Australian public with architecture, for example, the Sydney Opera House and the background to its lead architect Jørn Utzon resigning in 1966 prior to completion.
  2. Presentation content shall be accurate—a quotable resource—developed by Team members qualified in their respective disciplines, or by third party authorities or organisations recognised as specialists in their respective fields. The term “Presentation” as used herein may mean any of: audio sound-track only [typified as a voice-over or text-to-speech with or without backing-track]; still images combined and synchronised with an audio soundtrack [typified as a soundtrack describing one or more still images]; or video [self-explanatory].
  3. Where appropriate, Presentation content shall be diverse: content shall represent differing perspectives of a cultural matter—for which there may be numerous perspectives of any one matter.
  4. Info Org Ltd shall strive to engage Australians in their preferred language. Each Presentation shall be produced in multiple languages such that a wide cross-section of Australia’s diverse multilingual population may be culturally enriched by our Presentations.
  5. Presentations over time shall be sufficient in quantity to represent a cross-section of matters cultural in Australia and various perspectives of these matters so as to reflect the diversity of Australian culture—the Collection.
  6. Presentations shall be available to the Australian public without charge. Furthermore, Collection access shall not require subscription or password entry. Use shall require only a browser with Internet access or device application with Internet access. The application shall be available at no cost to the user.
  7. To ensure a user’s geographic location does inhibit access to Presentations Info Org Ltd shall enable access to the Collection via the Internet.
  8. To support the visually impaired, Presentations shall be produced such that the audio track is as informative as image content.
  9. To support the audibly impaired, textual descriptions shall be incorporated.

In satisfying the above Info Org Ltd undertakes the following:

  1. Presentations shall not contain commercial content.
  2. Publicly contributed content regarding matters cultural shall be considered for inclusion by Info Org Ltd on a case-by-case basis with respect to relevancy and compliance with Info Org Ltd policies.
  3. Cultural contributions by accredited Art Galleries, Museums, Cultural institutions and third party authorities and organisations recognised as specialists in their respective fields shall be permitted on the basis of relevancy and on the proviso of compliance with Info Org Ltd policies.
  4. Where possible, people with first-hand experience of a cultural matter shall be incorporated into a Presentation such that they can describe the matter from their first-hand perspective.
  5. Info Org Ltd key staff, board members, employees, contractors and volunteers (Team) and offices shall be based within Australia. Utilisation of the most cost-effective electronic services may result in the use of third-party, off-shore electronic infrastructure and services.