About Us

About Us
Info Org Ltd is an Australian not-for-profit entity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-forprofits Commission (ACN 612 425 840).

Our Goals

  • Foster and broaden cultural awareness within the Australian public.
  • Stimulate the Australian cultural landscape and thus stimulate the related economies.
  • Mitigate language and cost as a barrier to culturally enriching the Australian public.


  • Establish Info Org Ltd as the vehicle in which to achieve our goal.
  • Offer the culturally focussed “InfoPond” app and service free to the Australian public.

Benefits to the Australian Public

  • InfoPond app describes Australian culture, live music, heritage, cultural tourism and events.
  • InfoPond can turn streets into galleries and user location into a cultural directory.
  • Inform users in their preferred language—info is presented in 12 languages.
  • Free-to-use by public within Australia lowers barrier to use and broadens target market.
  • Zero requirement for public to login or register.
  • Zero “fake information” —public cannot create/edit information displayed to users.
  • Highly integrated text-to-speech—users look at cultural opportunities instead of screens.
  • Assist visually impaired users through highly-integrated text-to-speech.
  • Broaden user’s cultural perspectives through cross-pollination of cultural opportunities

Benefits to Government

  • Re-pitch Org’s archived content to today’s audiences.
  • Re-activate valuable, government funded information repositories, e.g. Heritage Archives.
  • Re-surface and present content when and where it is relevant.
  • Multilingual content translation broadens potential target market.
  • Stimulate cultural & related tourism economies by increasing public awareness / patronage

Benefits to Regional Organisations & Councils

  • Enable organisations, cultural event organisers and councils to easily and rapidly ‘have an
    app’ for short-term cultural events which may not otherwise be financially viable
  • InfoPond informs users of cultural opportunities—zero market erosion, just growth.
  • Multilingual regional information can increase target market, and thus stimulate regional
    cultural tourism and the regional economy.

Service Differentiation

  • Culturally focussed information.
  • No general purpose ad feeds.
  • Content can only be provided and modified by pre-authorised users, not the public.
  • Zero fake information.
  • Contributors can customise InfoPond “pages” displaying their content.
  • Contributors can monitor the view activity of their pages.
  • Multilingual content—users can dynamically switch between their preferred languages.
  • Free-to-use by the Australian public—no app purchase, registration or login requirement.
  • Highly integrated multilingual text-to-speech supports use by visually impaired.


  • Differentiated Class-1 content—that content contributed by a recognised authority in the
    subject of their contribution—from content of unknown authority.
  • Empower individuals, organisations, governments, councils, any entity recognised as an
    authority in the subject of their contribution, to publish their Class-1 content to InfoPond.
  • Secure integrity of Class-1 content to maintain it as a quotable resource suited to citation.
  • Class-1 content can only be altered by the content provider— not the public.
  • Class-1 content is translated and available in twelve or more languages.